Airetrex for Business

Let’s get
to work.

Airetrex 365 is built to help everyone at work breathe a little bit easier. With its small footprint and large coverage area, Airetrex keeps your workplace protected without expensive installations or large floor units. Just plug it in anywhere, turn it on and let Airetrex take care of the rest.


    Doesn’t require any ducts, pipes, or costly equipment.


    Find the perfect placement to maximize its coverage.

  • Scalable

    Add future units without reconfiguring your setup.

  • SAFE

    Purifies air without ozone
    or harmful chemicals.


    Destroys pathogens through proven scientific methods.


    Fades into the background of your home routine.

“I need to make my office a safe and comfortable environment for my clients and staff. Not only does Airetrex protect us both by neutralizing pathogens, it also reassures clients of my commitment to establishing a healthy environment.”


Therapist in Atlanta, GA

Great for:

Legal firms
Retail showrooms
Dental practices
Storage facilities

Conference areas
Startup offices
Co-working spaces

Call centers
Hair salons
Coffee shops

We’re here to help.

Our business is protecting yours. We’ll help you estimate total unit quantities, place each one effectively and answer any other questions you might have.


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