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  • One of the biggest complaints about air purifiers is having to replace expensive filters, but the Remington Airetrex 365 Sanitizer is filter-free making your one time cost, genuinely one time only. READ ARTICLE

  • The device also includes an odor-reducing charcoal filter, which makes it ideal for bedrooms, offices and dorm rooms, especially as it is capable of quietly circulating “air six times an hour in a 10’ x 10’ room.” READ ARTICLE

  • The Airetrex 365 works differently, using UVC light to deactivate pathogens— without limiting airflow. READ ARTICLE

  • By adapting similar technology long used in hospitals, the Airetrex 365 offers consumers a simple, safe and effective way to deactivate many harmful pathogens in indoor air. READ ARTICLE

Airetrex 365™

The Airetrex 365 is manufactured by a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of heating and ventilation products, Pinnacle Climate Technologies. The Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based company has over 70 years’ experience in the industry and provides indoor air quality and climate control solutions in many areas including commercial, industrial, agriculture, horticulture and home improvement channels. Its products are marketed under several brands including Stanley®, Schaefer®, Master®, ProTemp® and Americ®.


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